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15 December 2007 @ 02:20 am

So I was at Borders for my 16th birthday, just browsing at literary titles, trying to decipher which book to buy with my $20 gift card given from Brian.

Then I instantly came to sheer realization that I’ve been wasting my time on the computer. Well, basically, I’m wasting my whole life on that damn thing. I could be applying to a pre-collegiate program, but instead I’m talking and checking my Facebook every five minutes.

I’m not saying that my friends are completely despicable people, but there are other and better alternatives while talking to them. I could be on the phone with them - sometimes I just miss hearing my friend’s voice, especially Brian’s.

I knew that I was abusing myself when I would go on the internet for hours and forget to do an essay, study for a major test, or just simply work on homework. I need help, in all honesty.

I suppose that’s where the books and writing comes in place.

I want to improve on my writing and I wish to read more, much more. I need to find a way to accommodate my internet time with just myself-time... if that makes any sense.

I go to New York in about eight hours, hopefully I’ll have some ideas conjured ideas that’ll help me ameliorate my aberrant predicaments.


I still don't know which book to buy!!!!

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It's been only three weeks that passed and it's blatant that a lot has passed. Mostly good things, however. I don't really remember the bad stuff that happened during the course of three weeks. Maybe missing the bus a couple times and my time being an 8:39 on the mile. (Not that I cared. I mean, people over at the admissions staff at colleges won't see this. Right?)

Anyways, the important stuff that happened was~

- Monday, May 14: The FBLA Banquet where I was inducted the new Parlamentarian

- Wednesday, May 16: Orchestra Concert (aka Pops Concert) && The FBLA Drinking Scandal

- Saturday and Sunday, May 19-20: 9th Avenue Festival

- Tuesday and Wednesday, May 22-23: Stroudsburg Model Congress

- Wednesday, May 23: Key Club picnic and the Kiwanis luncheon

- Thursday, May 24: Important FBLA meeting after school

The FBLA banquet went swell. I obviously don't feel like typing right now, but I had a really great time. I finally arrived early so we could practice the candle ceremony. It felt pretty damn good arriving around 5:45pm. (Okay, I actually arrived at 5:51, but hey, it was much better than the Key Club banquet where I arrived an HOUR late!!)
I was surprised that a lot of people showed up too. When it was time for the actual candle ceremony, I was first. Daisy Karlson announces my name and honestly, walking to that podium really felt like the longest walk of my life. Plus, those lepoard print Betsey Johnson shoes really added to the effect.

On to the next important date... which was my Orchestra concert. Overall, we did alright. Hanging out with Ulric before the concert was really fun. He's so silly and it made my day. Not to mention the amazing Peanut Butter, Banana sandwhich I ate at the cafe we went to. Plus, I was smart to not go home after the Key Club meeting just to change for the concert. I know, I was a bit sweaty after hanging out with him (running, screaming, you know) but literally, 20 minutes before showtime, I was perfectly prim and proper. (Except for my hair. :P)

I'll update more later cos I need to take a shower.
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07 May 2007 @ 12:13 am
Honestly, what bad things can I say about New York City? Besides, the infinite amount of crime that goes on, or just that occasionally rudeness around the streets, or even the obnoxious cursing, or even better, the non-silence. But I suppose that's what makes New York so different from everywhere else. Other than that, New York is probably the greatest place on Earth (besides my room).

I should of started walking in the streets of New York all by myself a long time ago. Oh do you hear that? Sirens are going off. Maybe there's a fire. But anyways, I really do know my way around. I thought I was going to get lost minorly, but instead I found Carnegie Hall easily.

Last week, walking to the Time Warner Center was a piece of cake, considering you can't miss the two tall glass buildings, one with a large satellite cropped on top.

Anyways, Carnegie Hall was a ton of fun. There was a ton of Russians, and everyone knows my fascination with the Russian Language. It felt pretty good that I understood bits and pieces of their conversations. 

Not to mention, I sat next to a senior Russian couple. They were really nice. During the second intermission, the Russian man gave me two pieces of the candy Carnegie Hall gives out for free. I was actually hesitant to put them in my mouth since every mother that steps on the grounds of earth has told their child, "No taking candy from strangers." I'm sort of an adult now. I walked to Carnegie Hall by myself, attended a concert, I am a wild woman now! :-P

I knew the couple sitting next to me was Russian because I could just tell from the words they spoke. The Russian man pointed to the program and asked if this was going to be played at the concert. I told him yes, and I foolishly said, "Oui". When I should of really said, "Da." (Which means yes, in Russian.) He was also observing the pages I read from the program, and then he would look at his program and turn to the same page I was on. I noticed that.

Thankfully, no foreigner told me to shut up this time.

Damn, I'm tired and oh look, the phone is ringing. It's mum and I don't want to talk to her. I guess this is our que to leave now.
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12 February 2005 @ 09:36 pm
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